Cellphone Addict, Huh?

Posted by Varnish on

Are you constantly on your phone sending text messages, emails, trying out new apps, playing games or just surfing the web? Here are a few tips to help you overcome your cell phone addiction.

– Make a plan to use your phone. Whether it’s deciding to hide your phone for an hour a day, or setting rules that you’ll only use your cell phone at specific times, there are many ideas out there that have worked. Some have found that setting a maximum amount for continuous usage works. For example, you could set the phone’s alarm to go off after an hour, or for every half hour on the phone spend the next half hour off the phone. Try different ideas – the important thing is to come up with a plan with specific goals that will work for you.

– Reward yourself for spending less time on your cell phone. This is a well-known therapy technique called positive self-reinforcement used to reinforce and encourage desired behavior. Did you stick to your plan and meet the goals you set for the day? Then buy yourself a pair of shoes, or tickets to the game.

– Turn it off. Visit a museum, go to a movie, take the train for your next trip and choose to sit in the quiet car – just decide to go somewhere that does not allow cell phone use. If you completely stop using your phone for a short period of time, you’ll find that you really can live without it for a while.

– Put your phone somewhere you do not see it and have to think about it to whip it out. Put it in silent mode when you are in the office, at school or anywhere else, so it will not distract you.

– Stay busy! Focus on your responsibilities, and take a walk (with the phone off) if you need a break. In return, you will be more productive and more likely to achieve your goals.